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FOX News
Mar 3, 2014 8:00pm PST
. why? because rush ha is blackmailing europe over energy. supplies a third of oil and natural gas to the eu. the more oil and natural gas the u.s.a. and canada can produce and distribute, the weaker russia becomes on the world stage i fervently hope president obama understands that finally, there is barack obama's legacy. hear's a satirical picture posted on fox nation showing the contrasting styles of putin and obama. obviously the russian leader sees himself as macho man. the president sees himself as a renaissance man who wants to accommodate. but there is no accommodating putin. and if the u.s.a. looks weak on this one, believe me, we'll pay a heavy price. as will the president's historical reputation. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction joining us from boston fox news military analyst colonel david hunt and -- am i making mistakes here, mr. whiten? >> no, i don't think so. i would add a few other things to the list. you know, we can be specific with building -- helping central europe get free of russian energy. it's russian energy that's been used agai
FOX News
Feb 26, 2014 5:00pm PST
fresher tour rolls into miller's hometown pittsburgh, pennsylvania. energy center that show is going to be wild. buffalo, grand rapids, michigan, minneapolis, rapids city, north dakota. on deck, chihuahuas running wild. you may be in danger. martha maccallum is a frightened woman. she will be be here next. so i got the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound. plus, it has apps like vine -- and free cloud storage. my new lumia icon is so great, even our wipeouts look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ iwe don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your busi
FOX News
Feb 27, 2014 5:00pm PST
in pittsburgh two weeks from tomorrow, console energy, and grand rapids, michigan, close to a sellout already. for details on the shows, billo' finally, factor tip of the day. as you know i have been very critical of health and human services kathleen sebelius, she totally routed the rollout of obamacare and is clueless. the projection for obamacare by her own office was 7 million sign-ups in the initial months of the rollout. but now, ms. kathleen sebelius is re-writing history. >> that was a projection when the bill was first signed. i'm not quite sure where they even got the numbers. >> so secretary sebelius is not quite sure where they got the number, not quite sure. >> what does success look like? well, i think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of march 2014. >> aha! the woman -- it is hopeless. so here is the tip of the day. when you hire somebody and they don't perform, fire them! kathleen sebelius should have been out of there a long time ago. that is it for us tonight from washington, please check out the fox news factor website which
FOX News
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm PST
hope she does. if mrs. obama would. put energy to try to persuade. not to succumb to the corrupting culture, that would be enormous. the my brother's keeper initiative is a very positive thing for this country. but unless it is coupled with a change in the entertainment culture, it will not reach nearly as many children as it should. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington, juan williams, author of the book enough. the phony leaders dead end movements and culture failure that are undermining black america and what we can do about it here in the studio kevin powell, president of the b.k. nation. b.s. nation standing for building knowledge. where have i gone wrong. >> i think the issue is not that -- i myself hip hop culture for 30 years has said some of the things that you are saying. the issue is we are focusing on rapper. talk to the people who run these labels. representative was at the white house initiative yesterday and the fact is none of the folks are ceos of the major labels that put out the music on a regular basis. accountab
FOX News
Mar 4, 2014 5:00pm PST
are a is germany's biggest supplier of energy, putin can live in whatever world he wants to live. in german also told. the italian government wants to quote suspend the preparations for the g-8 summit in russia. said to be held in june. not suspend the summit. suspend preparations. oooh. can you see that putin is having a grand old time violating international law and watching the western powers kneel. today in ukraine secretary of state kerry put forth more rhetoric. >> the russian government, out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation, provocations. hearts of ukrainians and the eyes of the world. there is nothing strong about what russia is doing. >> he has to read that kerry has to read that off the paper. talk from the heart mr. secretary. in way you have got to hand it to putin. he knows themep west is weak. he knows president obama will most likely not be able to rally the european nations against him. in short putin knows he can pretty much know what he wants to do and he is enjoying the speck cackle. a lot of attention on that narcissist. the north atlantic treaty o
FOX News
Feb 25, 2014 5:00pm PST
two things, energy and discipline and using your time. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo' >> name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be lugubrios. it's all e-mail. if you are a ludite. you can't, don't be one. miss megyn up next. please remember, the spin stops here. >>> i'm megyn kelly, live in new york city. and tonight -- >> new fallout after america's top law enforcement officer shares a shocking message. suggesting the state has to enforce the laws they like. >> plus, when did you learn that people -- >> a sneak peak ahead for lawmakers as they desperately try to hold the senate. and drama at the custody hearing of a massachusetts teen taken from her parents. the same group that fought in the terry schiavo case steps in. >> nothing is being done to teach her, to help her. >> tonight justina's
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)